Exclusive Buyer Agency

Image of someone reviewing a listing

What is an Exclusive Buyer Agent?

An Exclusive Buyer Agent represents the home buyer in a real estate transaction, and only the home buyer. They work within a company that never represents sellers and never takes listings. They always work and negotiate to protect the best interests of the home buyer.

Purchasing a home is a major investment in your life, so it makes sense to have someone who represents only you and your best interests in your home purchase.

Never call the listing agent

Never, ever call the listing agent! This is the agent on the sign outside the house. Their job is to represent the seller and get the seller the highest price and best terms. They work exclusively for the seller and you are simply a customer.

The listing agent gets paid a commission from the seller to sell their house, which they usually share 50/50 with the agent representing the buyer. Listing agents would love to represent both the seller and the buyer because they would then get 100% of the commission. Unfortunately this leaves the buyer totally unprotected while maximizing the income for the listing agent.

Image of sale pending and sold signs